One Platform

with all the tools you need to run your cannabis business.

Seed To Sale

real time metrc

Inventory production
& purchasing

Customer Management
orders, Deliveries & CRM

Full Accounting Suite &
Human Resources

business analytics
dashboards, kpis & reports

Keep your cannabis business productive and compliant, not busy.

Bloomstack is a comprehensive platform meticulously engineered to provide cannabis business solutions. Our simple and easy to use interface keeps your team focused and always in the know. This supercharges your ability to work on the things that truly matter.

6 unique features you'll only find in Bloomstack

Bloomstack enables your cannabis company to succeed with tools to

  • Track every process and gain business-critical insights on time
  • Manage inventory and be notified of predicted changes in demand or supply
  • Keep compliance-complete (and beyond) records of everything, effortlessly
  • Optimize delivery routes and send automated emails to your customers
  • Automatically make accurate accounting entries based on your transaction data
  • Run your business from any modern browser on your laptop, mobile, or tablet

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