Our Team

Our team is a passionate group of techies, strategists, creators, and Cannabis Connoisseurs. We wake up every morning with the single-minded goal of building a world where dreamers manifest their destiny using free & open source tools.

Meet the leadership team

Eric  Bruce Delisle Eric  Bruce Delisle

Founder & CEO

Born with strong business instincts, Eric has been an entrepreneur and investor for several companies for 35 years now. This highly motivated professional is an activist by nature willing to make the world a better place, and this is exhibited in his and his company’s work ethics.

Childhood ambition: Becoming a scientist

Felipe Orlando Orellana Felipe Orlando Orellana

Co-founder & VP Engineering/Technology Development

A big-time tech enthusiast, Felipe is committed to expanding his knowledge bank as much as he can. He loves challenging himself and gets excited about building custom solutions that can enhance and empower business processes.

Matthew L Michaels


Neil Trini Lasrado Neil Trini Lasrado

Technical Director

Blessed with an ingenious brain, Neil leads Bloomstack’s Department of Learning & Development using his vast platform knowledge. You will always find him working on setting the right technology strategy and helping to further scale Bloomstack. 

Aloke Vohra Aloke Vohra

Interim COO

Driven, resourceful, pioneering – these words describe Aloke perfectly. In charge of developing and promoting Bloomstack’s strategy of delivering exceptional solutions, he is comfortable with not having an answer to all the questions as he knows he’ll figure them out sooner or later.

"Chaos is awesome" - is his guiding mantra.

The team

Damini Delisle Damini Delisle

Damini Delisle

Office Manager

Myuddin Khatri Myuddin Khatri

Myuddin Khatri

Jr Engineer

Swati Arora Swati Arora

Swati Arora

Implementation Support

Vishal Vilas Dhayagude Vishal Vilas Dhayagude

Vishal Vilas Dhayagude

Senior Software Developer

Malvika  Lalit Chandnani (Neha Sacher) Malvika  Lalit Chandnani (Neha Sacher)

Malvika Lalit Chandnani (Neha Sacher)

Engineer - Frontend

Sahil Kamboj Sahil Kamboj

Sahil Kamboj

Engineer - Devops

Jeremy Coltharp Jeremy Coltharp

Jeremy Coltharp

Implementation Specialist

Mark Shays Mark Shays

Mark Shays

Special Projects Coordinator

Hugo Orellana

Hugo Orellana


Saroj Meshram Saroj Meshram

Saroj Meshram

Jr Engineer

Rajyavardhan Pasari Rajyavardhan Pasari

Rajyavardhan Pasari

Sr Engineer

Himanshu Warekar

Himanshu Warekar

Sr Engineer

Sahil Khan

Sahil Khan

Sr Engineer - Devops

Julie Sheth

Julie Sheth

HR Specialist

David  Dubinski

David Dubinski

Amita	 Dabak

Amita Dabak

Project Manager

Shantanu  Kadam

Shantanu Kadam

Engineer - Frontend

Shruti  Kamble

Shruti Kamble

Engineer - Frontend

Sujeet  Acharya

Sujeet Acharya

Delivery Head

Harbinder  Saini

Harbinder Saini


Pandit  Narwade

Pandit Narwade

QA Lead

Mrigaja  Shelke

Mrigaja Shelke

Quality Analyst

Harsh Mule

Harsh Mule

Engineer - Backend

Swapon  karmokar

Swapon karmokar

Krishank Pawar

Krishank Pawar

Lovejit  Sinduria

Lovejit Sinduria

Rehaan Habib

Rehaan Habib

Senior Content Marketing Manager

Shivangi  Dave

Shivangi Dave

Sr Design Researcher & Strategist

Devanshi  Shah

Devanshi Shah

Ishan Shah

Ishan Shah

Sr Business Analyst