Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bloomstack Beta Partner Program?
It is an initiative to develop a limited group of passionate and eligible businesses in the legal cannabis industry in the US. BBPP involves participating in a collaborative innovation plan that aims to mentor, assist, and boost deserving entrepreneurs to move to the next level of growth in exchange for special program pricing, along with developing pioneering ideas together.
A business enterprise in the legal cannabis industry in the US, on its way to transition from the initial/start-up stage to the growth stage, is eligible for participation.
No. Applying does not mean that you qualify to be a Beta Partner. Applicants will be shortlisted based on certain criteria. Then, they take part in interviews conducted by the BBPP Selection Committee. If you clear all rounds successfully, you will be invited to enroll in the program.
Yes, if selected, you are expected to pay the first-month platform subscription fees of $ 2,750 upon joining. Implementation fees are based on your requirements. Our program specialist will provide more details when they call you.
Yes. You get to own a piece of Bloomstack Corp. in the form of stocks.
As Bloomstack’s client, you do not get the option of ownership of Bloomstack Corp.’s stocks. You simply use Bloomstack to run your business.
Yes. Having existing software does not stop you from applying for Bloomstack Beta Partners’ Program. In fact, one of the targeted endeavours of the BPP is to help you replace and upgrade your existing software solutions with Bloomstack’s all-in-one management system.
No. You can only apply program once you have a valid license.
No. You will have to wait until you receive your renewed license.
Yes. It will be a DIY implementation with help from our support team. We will set up a website for you on our servers which will cost you $ 500/month. You will also get access to our exclusive Bloomstack Cannabis Community.

Good question. However, the short answer is no.

This initiative is not really about the money but more about the synergy that we are looking for in our Beta Partners since these are the core set of enterprises we would be working closely with.

The good news is you might be eligible for signing up for a ready-to-plug-in off the platform which comes with a nominal, monthly subscription fee of $500. Such selected members can simply set up their system under a DIY approach with assistance from our support team, eventually becoming a part of our community.

REGGAE is an acronym for Risk & Efficiency Goals Gap Analysis Exercise and CAMP is Compliance And Methodology Plan. This is our very detailed business analysis procedure that will be a part of your onboarding process. This helps us to know your workflows, operating procedures, and any challenges and bottlenecks and you gain invaluable insights on your business and set clear objectives. The Reggae Camp takes 2-3 weeks to complete.
Once you are onboarded, you will get access to our internal feedback portal where you can submit your response.
Yes, 100% of your Investment will get converted into equity. As a Bonus, we are allocating additional 75% towards your fees to use Bloomstack platform. That gives you a value of 175% as a partner. For ex: If you invest $100,000 in Bloomstack you'll receive $100,000 in equity + $75,000 in credit towards your implementation and platform fees.

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